Friday, August 01, 2008

Painting from July 26-31

Three Plums NFS
oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 8x10x1"

Blue Teapot Sold
Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Little Red Hen Sold

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Tea with Lemon

oil on double primed canvas paper
12x12x1" NFS

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Mel said...

just discovered your sites via a comment you left for Carol Marine (I have been admiring her work for several months now) and I noticed you are Mrs. Mel which caught my eye b/c I, too, am a mel.

anyway, I wanted to say that I really think your work is beautiful. I will definitely be visiting often for inspiration. I really was amazed by the 12 still lifes you had on the other site--a commissioned work. in just a few days! WOW.

keep up the lovely work.


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